Major General Joseph J. Taluto (USA, Ret.) supports SERKET Racing Mission

April 13th, 2013

Wellington, FL April 12th, 2013 – SERKET Racing (, a new force in the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama, recently announced that Major General Joseph J. Taluto (USA, Ret.), expressed his support of the team and it’s mission in a statement released earlier this week.

Major General Joseph J. Taluto

Major General Joseph J. Taluto

The Major General led a Task Force of some 23,000 in North Central Iraq and earned the Distinguished Service Medal, Bronze Star Medal and the prestigious Raymond S. McClain medal from the Association of the United States Army. In 2006, Taluto became Adjutant General of New York, Commanding the entire New York Army and Air National Guard.

Please see below for the full statement:

Mark Llano has done it again! He continues to help the veteran community with his ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. Mark and his partner Randy Webb, established SERKET racing and will not only bring excitement to ISMA GT3 Cup Challenge racing but will raise awareness for veterans causes and give back some of their profit to those causes!

I am proud to serve with Mark on the charitable board of Veterans Pathway to Business Success (VPBS). VPBS provides grants to qualified entrepreneurial veterans starting or expanding a business in Florida, something that Mark has already done and helps others do. That’s how I know of Mark and his continued commitment to America’s Veterans. Veterans Pathway to Business Success (VPBS) will not only be one of the beneficiaries of Mark’s efforts but proudly sponsors its logo on his race car!

Having served in our Nations military forces for over 40 years and as a flag officer for over 10 years I understand initiative, character and leadership when I see it. These are words that describe Mark Llano. He takes the initiative to make things happen, the character to do them right and provides the leadership to be successful. I have no doubt that Mark will be a highly competitive race car driver and that his team will bring home the bacon…that’s really good news for the Veterans causes he supports!!”

-Major General Joseph J. Taluto (USA, Ret.)