Support from the American Freedom Foundation

July 15th, 2013

SERKET Racing has a new partner in its mission to raise funds and awareness for military veterans and their families. SERKET Racing driver Mark Llano and the former 12th Sergeant Major of the Army, Jack L. Tilley, Co-Founder and Chairman of the American Freedom Foundation (AFF), met at a conference earlier this year and learned that they both shared a strong passion for giving back to the Veteran community.

Much like SERKET Racing, the American Freedom Foundation was founded to raise awareness and money for organizations that support our veterans, active duty military and their families. The foundation produces a series of festivals, including concerts featuring celebrities such as country music singer Trace Adkins, and donates the funds raised from ticket sales to organizations that serve and support our best and bravest.

SERKET Racing has signed on to support the American Freedom Foundation by contributing a percentage of sponsorship funds received over the course of the racing season to the AFF/Kaplan University scholarship program and the AFF national veterans employment initiative program.

“Partnering with Mark Llano and SERKET Racing seems to be the perfect fit for our foundation, ” said SMA (R) Jack L. Tilley, Co-Founder and Chairman of the American Freedom Foundation. “Their values, vision and commitment to our veterans and military community align perfectly with those of our foundation. Plus, it is going to be a lot of fun!”

Llano, a former Marine, echoed SMA (R) Jack L. Tilley’s message of enthusiastic camaraderie and service.

“I had the honor of meeting Sergeant Major Tilley while we were both speaking at the VETS 2013 conference last month,” Llano explained. “When I heard about all the work his foundation was doing on behalf of our Veterans, active duty military and their families, I knew that it was only a matter of time before SERKET Racing and the American Freedom Foundation were working together to help our warfighters.”

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