Elder Heart Donation

September 13th, 2013
 SERKET Racing continues to follow their mission by making a donation to Elder Heart, an organization focused on healing U.S. Military Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by helping them create and partake in community-based artistic projects.
SERKET Racing’s donation will be used to help support veteran artists and purchase materials used on various projects that Elder Heart is producing. In appreciation of SERKET Racing’s work in helping raise awareness and support for veterans and their families, Elder Heart gifted a Spartan helmet to driver Mark Llano.

The Spartan helmet, a classic Elder Heart piece, represents what it means to be a veteran.
“What (the Spartan helmet) represents is the ultimate sacrifice, that a warrior gave everything for his community and people,” President of Elder Heart Magnus Johnson said. “In Spartan society, their warriors were always a part of the community, even in times of peace. There is a huge gap in our culture today that separates veterans and their communities and we want to close that gap. The donation will help facilitate Elder Heart’s ongoing art projects, mainly the Nashville, Ind. project, to create awareness for PTSD, TBI and veteran suicide as well as bring veterans and their communities together.”
In December of 2012, Elder Heart’s hometown of Nashville, Ind. was named one of Indiana’s five cultural districts. The town set a goal of showcasing public art that reflected Nashville’s character. In June of 2013 Elder Heart Veterans were selected to create the centerpiece project in the town, a 20-foot steel sculpture of leaves that are being swept upward by the wind.As a former Marine, Llano could not be more proud to assist on a project that will be a focal point of a community.

“We support the great work that Elder Heart is doing to help heal our veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI through art,” Llano, said. “SERKET Racing will continue to help Elder Heart raise awareness for this difficult challenge many of our best and bravest face on a daily basis.”

If you would like to support Elder Heart and the Nashville project please click here.

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