SERKET Driver Llano Working to Improve Racing Safety in New Role

April 29th, 2014

WELLINGTON, Fla. (April 29, 2014) – SERKET Racing driver Mark Llano has been named to the board of directors for the newly created Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF).

The foundation was created to honor the memory of Sean Edwards, a driver who was tragically killed during a test session on a track in Australia that did not meet minimum safety standards.LOGO4

MSF was founded with the mission to give members a voice about safety concerns at racetracks all over the world. MSF is committed to not only discussing and researching these concerns, but rectifying them, as well.

Llano, Edwards and MSF Founder and President Henrique Cisneros were MOMO NGT teammates in IMSA sports car competition throughout North America in 2013.

Last year Llano and Edwards also participated in the Subaru Tour de Road America, an event where participants rode the racetrack on bicycles to support the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

“Sean Edwards was a tough competitor, an amazing teacher and a great friend,” Llano said. “I’m very proud to be working with Henrique, Eduardo (Cisneros) and the rest of the MSF board to help address the safety of race car drivers at every race and every track, in memory of Sean.” IMG_4734

MSF has announced its first initiative and flagship program, Adopt a Corner, with the goal of helping racetracks find donors to help offset the high costs of sophisticated crash barriers.

Adopt a Corner provides the opportunity for individuals, organizations or companies to donate a safety barrier upgrade in exchange for a branding contract of a chosen racetrack. All barrier upgrades are to FIA standard and will provide an increase in crash protection compared to current barriers.

Llano is joined on the MSF Board of Directors by fellow racers Dr. Jim Norman and Eduardo Cisneros, veteran racing executive and racetrack designer Martyn Thake and INDYCAR Race Director Beaux Barfield.

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