Mark Llano is the owner and driver of Serket Racing, a seasoned veteran and entrepreneur dedicated to bettering the lives of his fellow veterans.

Llano joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1986 and served five years prior to being called up for active duty during Desert Storm in 1991. Llano’s dedication to excellence was apparent as a marine, and upon leaving the service, continued with his entrepreneurial work.

Following active duty, Llano completed his undergraduate degree in Criminology at Florida State University and began work in investment banking. Llano joined Sterling Financial Investment Group as a partner and founding officer, growing the company from 3 employees to more than 600 across all 50 US states and 7 international offices.

In 2003, Llano left Sterling to pursue a new venture that would bring him closer to his military family and community. Named Source One Distributors, Inc., Llano’s new venture provided equipment, products and support services to the defense industry.

In 2012, Llano married his success with Source One and his passion for racing by creating Serket to raise awareness and direct financial support for veterans and their families.

Llano currently resides in Wellington, Florida with his family.