asset23Serket Racing and The Boot Campaign had an incredible day at the ‘Faces of our Freedom’ event. Learn more about how you can join the movement with Serket and The Boot Campaign here.

Serket Racing is on a quest to change the lives of our citizens who have given everything to protect our nation.

This mission would not be possible without our team of various organizations who dedicate their lives to providing veteran support. Together Serket and our charity partners work to better the living conditions and reintegration of veterans and their families.


Serket’s mission is to change the lives of veterans and their families, not just by providing monetary support but by identifying and working on the individual struggles our veterans face every day. Our “Pillars of Service” include but are not limited to:

  • Education
  • Financial Assistance & Housing
  • Health & Emotional Wellness

Each individual pillar is met through the help of our charitable partners. Together, we will continue to better the lives of veterans and their families, nationwide.


 We’re working with Mission22 to fight the war at home of veteran suicide. Find out how you can help 22 veterans a day here